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You understand that training in itself is not the answer to all your problems.  That’s because you know that, in order to truly succeed, any training course is reliant on each individual putting the concepts discussed into practice on a regular basis.

Spark Training seeks to create the optimum environment for the participants to do exactly that.  Each session combines stimulating theories with simple techniques to prompt consideration and aid implementation - all delivered with the passion and expert facilitation skills required to provide the desire to make that change happen.

A Spark Training session challenges the participants to test out different techniques and new approaches in their world. They don’t just put it into practice when they get back to their desk – they’ve already done it as part of the session.

So as well as providing a solid grounding in the basic tools required to help individuals and teams develop, we’ll put the theory into practice there and then to add value to individuals, campaigns or presentations that represent a real-life work in progress.